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Asheville Day Camps

Our day camps in Asheville are great for kids and teens aged from 8 to 18 who live locally and are looking for fun and adventure with organized activities and excursions with traveling students from all over the world!

Program Overview

Through July and August, we invite kids aged between 8 and 18 to join our intercultural day camp along with international students who are spending 3 weeks in the wider Asheville area. During the week, we provide an exciting schedule that encourages participation from both our international and American campers, such as volunteering, plus full day trips to leisure highlights in the area including theme parks and white-water rafting.

Host families in Asheville receive one FREE week of day camps to use during their hosting period.

Dates & Prices

Day Camps run Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm and must be booked as a whole week, there are a few weeks that consist of 4 days only. There are also a few excursions that require an early 8am departure or have a later finish of 6pm.

  From TillCostInformation
Week 1July 1July 5$240no camp - July 4
Week 2 July 8July 12 $300
Week 3 July 15July 19 $300
Week 4 July 22July 25$240no camp - July 26

Booking is subject to availability. Discounted or complimentary camp is available for host families – please contact Xplore staff for details.


What happens at Day Camp?

Each week, between Monday to Friday, we ask our families to drop off their children at Hanger Hall so they can join our camp with our international students.


Both American and international campers are together for the first 30 minutes of the morning, before breaking out into their respective language classes until lunch time.

American campers enjoy a foreign languages class of usually German, Spanish, Italian and French whilst our foreign students spend the morning in their English language lessons.

On Friday mornings, we mix our campers to play intercultural games and activities to help everyone to get to know each other better and our international students improve their conversational English.



Every afternoon, we take all our campers on an adventure. We hit all the best local spots to showcase this beautiful area to our international visitors. Our camp activities are designed to provide insight into American culture and show our international students precisely what young people of Western North Carolina do in their free time: hang out with friends and make the most of what the area has to offer.


Excursions & Volunteering

On Wednesdays, we take all our campers off on a full day activity – from a trip to Carowinds, swimming at the waterfalls or white water rafting. We really encourage our host parents to join us as a chance to bond and create memories with their student.

Each week we also partner with a different organization to begin a new volunteering project that both our host families and students can participate in. We hope this part of our program shows our international students a view of the many ways in which people can work together to improve their communities.


Experienced Staff and Exceptional Care

Our camp staff provide excellent care for campers old and young. Every staff member is First Aid and CPR certified and we always have a ratio of at least 1 adult for every 10 students. Our staff team provides a safe environment while sharing experience from leading student groups across the globe.


Sample Program:

MondayLanguage ClassesHiking to waterfalls
TuesdayLanguage ClassesVolunteer Project
WednesdayFull day excursion to Carowinds Theme Park
ThursdayLanguage ClassesCostume bowling
FridayLanguage ClassesHigh ropes course