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Colorado Summer Hosting

Since 2015, the state of Colorado has been host to nearly 50 international students traveling to the U.S. on our summer homestay immersion program, from the front range to the mountain communities and even the western slope. Open your home to welcome a Xplore student who has chosen to spend their summer vacation immersing in American culture and improving their English skills in the amazing state of Colorado.

Program Overview

​Our homestay program in Colorado offers families the opportunity to host an international student aged 12 to 18 for up to 5 weeks during the summer, immersing them in American family life. This hosting program is unique in that both your family’s experience and the student’s program is controlled by you.

Students should become 100% part of your family life and normal activity – sharing in your hobbies, interests and community. After living with you, some students combine their experience with a couple of weeks at a local American summer camp.


The key focus of this program is immersion – welcoming a student into your home as a new family member and immersing them in your everyday life. Our students are enthusiastic about spend time with their American family, experiencing our culture and community all while improving their English skills. Many of our Xplore families feedback to us that through hosting, they have grown closer as a family from the fun activities that they organised during the summer with their student.

Program Dates
2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Week HostingFlexible dates between mid-June and mid-August

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a host family?

A family motivated to share their community and lifestyle with an international student. Room and board in an extra bedroom OR a separate bed in your child/ren’s room (must be same gender & similar age).

What are the benefits of hosting?

Opening your home to a new family member is a rich and rewarding experience! You will make a new friend and learn about their culture. Many families report that, through hosting, they grow closer as a family as they participate in fun activities and learn new ways of communication.

What are the expectations of a host family?

Families provide a safe and loving home, meals, and their own space. Host families welcome their host student into their home as a family member, and include them in their daily life. We expect you to live and work as you normally do, which provides our student with a genuine experience of American life!

Where will my student be from?

We work with partner agents from all over the world to recruit international students for our programs – previously we have welcomed students from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, Austria, and China to name a few!

How old will my student be?

International students are between the ages of 12 and 18.

What will my student be like? Can they speak English?

Xplore students are selected to participate with this program based on their flexibility, adaptability, and maturity. English skills vary although most are of an intermediate to advanced level. We require students  to have a minimum English level prior to this homestay program in particular so we can be confident that communication between the student and your family is not strained.

I don’t have children of my own or my children have left home. Can I still host?

Yes – If you are available to share your time daily with a student, and introducing them to new American friends.

Our families are representative of the diversity we love to celebrate. We welcome families with children, families without children, same sex couple families, retired couples, or single parents even. There are many ways to keep teens busy in the community and connected with others their own age.

Can I host more than one student?

Yes, families often host 2 students, however they must be different nationalities. Hosting more than one student can be an enriching experience not only for your family but for the students also as they also get to enjoy being host siblings and practicing their English with each other.

Can the student share a room with my child?

Yes – as long as the student and your child are of a similar age and the same gender. For families hosting more than 1 student, the students must be the same gender if they are sharing a room.

Do I need to pay for the student?

We ask that host families provide all meals for the duration of the program. However, students will come with their own spending money.

We have a family trip / activities planned, can we take the student with us?

Yes! This is the unique part of this program, our students are looking to travel to the US to be immersed in your life and to improve their English – what a better way to do both than on a trip with their new family.

My children have chores. Should I give my student chores?

Yes. This really helps them feel a part of the family – they should have expectations similar to your son or daughter, not a guest.

Will the student have medical insurance while they are here?

Yes, all the students have comprehensive medical and travel insurance.

What is the application process for becoming a host family?

  1. Host Family Application and Photo Album

Each interested host family must fill out an application, complete with photo album, for us to share with your chosen international student – this reassures students and allows them to get a glimpse of their homestay before they arrive!

Begin your Hosting Application here

  1. Home Visit

Once your application is completed, we will schedule a convenient time for a home visit. This necessary step allows us to meet face-to-face and answer your questions about the hosting experience. We are also able to evaluate the space you wish to provide for your international student. This appointment usually takes about an hour and is a great opportunity for you to have all your questions answered.

  1. Criminal background checks & references

To comply with child safety regulations for our students, criminal background checks will be run on all adults in the home. We also ask you to submit Family References that describe your family’s character and home environment.

  1. Choose your Student

You get to choose the student that you feel is the best match after reading their applications, complete with pictures and letters from both the student and their parents. You can also choose more than one student as long as they don’t speak the same native language.

What support can I expect from Xplore USA?

We have a strong network of support available to all our host families during their hosting program. We have local coordinators in the community who will be available to answer any questions you have. We will also be offering a stipend to help the host family plan activities to enjoy as a family and a list to events that they can enjoy with little to no fees involved.

Additionally, we have a 24/7 emergency number in the event of an emergency or even an urgent question. We aim to give all our families as much information prior to welcoming a student so that families feel as prepared as possible.

What happens if I have an issue while I’m hosting?

While issues are rare, Xplore has a 24/7 emergency support number. Xplore staff will help you resolve any issues that come up.