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Hosting a Student

Have you ever considered the possibilities of opening up your home and welcoming an international student to live with your family for a short time?

Why Host?

The best part about hosting is the lasting cultural experience for you and your entire family, as host families often enjoy a life-long bond with their students and often even visit their students abroad. Through learning about an exchange student’s life, culture, and language, as well as sharing new experiences together, many of our host families tell us that they begin to see their own home and community in a new and refreshing light.

Who can Host?

You can!
All of our host families come from varying backgrounds and very different walks of life. There is no single profile of a “successful” or “typical” host family – single parents, single individuals, empty-nesters, couples, grandparents – we welcome all types of families and work hard to match each family with a student who will compliment each other.

Hosting Opportunities

Short-term Hosting Long-term Hosting
Asheville Summer Program Colorado Summer Program Academic Year Placements
Do you live in the Asheville, NC, area?
Interested in hosting in Colorado? No matter where you live, Xplore place students in your community.
Check out our Asheville Summer Program, where you can host an international student for 3 to 4 weeks in the summer while they attend our Day Camp and explore the best of Western North Carolina!
Our Colorado Homestay Program offers opportunities for families to host an international student with flexible summer dates between June and August for 2 to 5 weeks.
We have opportunities all over the U.S. through our Xplore MyChoice program for families interesting in hosting an exchange student during the Academic Year.
We also have an opportunity for Asheville Homestay for students not attending day camp.
Some of our students follow their homestay experience with several weeks at an American summer camp in the area.
Don't have quite a year to give to hosting?

Our Short Term High School Immersion Program offers families the change to host a student for 4 weeks whilst they experience a local high school in locations all over the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a host family?

A family motivated to share their community and lifestyle with an international student. Room and board in an extra bedroom OR a separate bed in your child/ren’s room (must be same gender & similar age).

What are the benefits of hosting?

Opening your home to a new family member is a rich and rewarding experience! You will make a new friend and learn about their culture. Many families report that, through hosting, they grow closer as a family as they participate in fun activities and learn new ways of communication.

What are the expectations of a host family?

Families provide a safe and loving home, meals, and their own space. Host families welcome their host student into their home as a family member, and include them in their daily life. We expect you to live and work as you normally do, which provides our student with a genuine experience of American life!

I don’t have children of my own or my children have left home. Can I still host?

YES PLEASE – Families with or without kids are welcome to participate in our hosting program. We welcome families same sex couple families, retired couples, or single parents even – our families are representative of the diversity we love to celebrate!

Where will my student be from?

We work with many overseas schools and partners throughout the world.  Most of our students are from Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, France and China.

What will the English level of my student be?

English skills vary although most are of an intermediate level. They are required to have a minimum of a pre-intermediate level prior to a homestay program. The most enjoyable part of hosting is learning new ways to communicate!

Can the student share a room with my child?

Yes – however we ask that they are of a similar age and the same gender.

We have a family trip planned, can we take the student with us?

Yes, absolutely you can. The main reason students come to us is to be immersed in English, and what a better way  to practice than on a trip with their new family.

What support can I expect from Xplore USA?

We have a strong network of support available to all our host families during their hosting career – from Local Coordinators to Program Managers and Directors, who can answer any questions you have at any time.

We aim to give all our families as much information prior to welcoming a student, with additional training for those hosting long-term so that families feel as prepared as possible.

What happens if I have an issue while I’m hosting?

While issues are rare, Xplore has a 24/7 emergency support number. Xplore staff will help you resolve any issues that come up.