Meet the Team

Katherine Ryan

Director of Operations
USA Short Term Programs

​Katherine has been working in international education for 6 years and loves cultural exchange and all the new global and local friendships it brings.

Cene Kurtchi

Director of Operations - USA School Programs

Cene has over 20 years experience working in the student travel/ exchange industry and has helped students from all over the world have the best study abroad experience! She has been a Local Coordinator and has hosted several students over the years.

Lauren Groves

Asheville Program Manager

​Lauren is thankful to be working at Xplore, where she gets to combine many of her favorite things in life like hosting international students, summer camp, making international friends, and leading group travel.

Christy Luedtka

US Support and Development Manager

As a mom and ​former ​host mom, Christy has experienced the magic of hosting international students and welcoming them into her family. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Christy loves the Arizona desert weather that she calls home.

Ian Lewis

CEO / Managing Director

Before taking over the UK based summer camp business back in 2002, “Lewi” as we call him, worked at camp as an instructor and later camp manager.

Roll forward 16 years, and the company now operates across the globe with teams in America, England, Germany and China.

Ben Sinclair

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ben also worked at our summer camps in England, pre-2002 and joined Lewi on the venture of taking over the company and transforming it into the independent global business we are today.


About Xplore USA

Xplore USA is the American arm of ‘Xplore’, one of the last truly independent youth travel organisations working globally to provide quality study abroad opportunities for students.

In America, Xplore USA began back in 2007 with just a handful of host families in Asheville, NC welcoming 7 students for a 3-week homestay.

In the following years we grew steadily, recruiting more  families in Asheville allowing us to accept more students from many different countries and adding new US destinations.

In 2013, our ‘MyChoice USA’ academic placement program was introduced, a program offering international students to attend an American high school while living with a host family.

In 2015, we added our Colorado summer program, a unique homestay program, where our host families help shape the experience of our students.