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Programs for American Teens

From Summer Camps to Study Abroad Opportunities


We have been running summer activity camps for over 30 years across the globe – from attending day camp in Asheville, NC or to traveling to England or Germany for a week traveling away from home, we are sure to have something for everyone!

Our camps are residential offering non-stop action from Saturday to Saturday every week during the school holidays. There are fun, social and challenging activities from morning until night, with day trip excursions to local towns, cities or attractions too! 

Last year we had children and teenagers from over 26 different countries come to an Xplore camp! There will always be a mix of nationalities on site, which is fantastic for integration, meeting new friends and experiencing new cultures.


Not many American teens think it is possible to spend a year abroad studying, yet thousands of international students take plunge every year – so why not you?

We specialise in student travel – in fact we have over 15 years experience in sending students all over the world to study abroad, so why not take a look at the opportunities we have for you to try a new education and widen your cultural experience.

MyChoice placements allow students from all over the world to study abroad and expand their educational experience - that includes students and teens from the US!

Xplore MyChoice - High School Placements Abroad

Find out more about attending high school in another country...